Exam Prep

National Exam Prep

This course covers all of the content that will be tested on the NATIONAL portion of the NC real estate licensing exam. There are 42 video lessons plus hundreds of practice questions.

Students will have an opportunities to practice state exam questions with the teacher and then on their own (with feedback, of course, about the answers.)

Students have 30 days to take this course and upon request can receive extended access.

Specifically, the NCREC requires that you know about these topics:

Requirement for Real Estate License
License Categories and Status
North Carolina Real Estate Commission
License Administrative / Maintenance Requirements
Agency Disclosure
Dual and Designated Agency
Selected Regulated Practices
Handling & Accounting for Funds
Brokerage Fees and Compensation
Prohibited Practices
Agency Contracts and Practices
Time Shares
Property Taxation
Sales Contracts and Practices
NCAR Standard Form 2-T
Closing Procedures
Laws Governing Residential Tenancies
Residential Square Footage Guidelines
Miscellaneous NC Laws and Legal Concepts
General Real Estate Topics
Basic House Construction
Federal Income Taxation of Home
Ownership / Sale
Residential Loan Qualification Calculations
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Calculations

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  • Introduction to the course
  • Video: How to navigate this course
  • Your instructor Debbie Long
  • A thank you to a teacher or school
  • section A: Real Estate Concepts, Insurance, Construction, Investment
  • Section A Topics: Real Estate Concepts, Insurance, Construction & Investment
  • 1.1 Basic Property Concepts, Part I
  • 1.2 Basic Property Concepts, Part II
  • 1.3 Quiz: Real Property Concepts
  • 2.1 Property Insurance Basics
  • 2.2: Quiz on Insurance Basics
  • 3.1 Construction Basics
  • 3.2 Quiz on construction
  • 4.1 Basic Property Investment
  • 4.2 Quiz on Real Estate Investment Basics
  • Section B: Property Ownership and Interests
  • Section B Topics: Property Ownership and Interests
  • 5.1 Property Ownership and Interest, Part I
  • 5.2 Property Ownership and Interests, Part II
  • 5.3 Property Ownership and Interests, Part III
  • 5.4 Quiz on Property Ownership and interests
  • 5.5 Time shares
  • 5.6 Quiz on Time shares
  • section C: property taxation and assessment
  • Section C Topics: Property Taxation and Assessment
  • 6.1 Property Taxation and Assessment
  • 6.2 Quiz on Property taxes
  • section D transfer of title and federal income tax
  • Section D Topics: Transfer of Title / Fed Income Tax on Home Ownership
  • 7.1 Transfer of Title
  • 7.2 Quiz on Transfer of Title
  • 7.3 Federal Income Tax of Home Ownership and Sale
  • 7.4 Quiz on federal Income Tax Ownership/Sale
  • Section E: Land Use Controls
  • Section E Topics: Land Use Controls
  • 8.1 Land Use Control
  • 8.2 Quiz on Land Use Controls
  • Section F: Environmental Issues
  • Section F Topics: Environmental Issues
  • 9.1 Environmental Issues
  • 9.2 Quiz on Environmental Issues
  • Section G: Brokerage relationships: Laws and Practice
  • Section G Topics: Brokerage Relationships: Law and Practice
  • 10.1 Agency Relationships, Part I
  • 10.2 Agency Relationships, Part II
  • 10.3 Agency Relationships, Part III
  • 10.4 Quiz on Agency Relationships
  • SECTION H: Agency Contracts and Practices
  • Section H Topics: Agency Contracts (Sales and Related Practices)
  • 11.1 Agency Contracts, Part I
  • 11.2 Agency Contracts, Part II
  • 11.3 Agency Contracts Part III
  • 11.4 Quiz on Agency contracts and practices
  • Section I: Basic Contract Law
  • Section I Topics: Basic Contract Law
  • 12.1 Basic Contract Law
  • 12.2 Quiz on Basic Contract Law
  • Section J Topics: Sales Contracts and Related Procedures
  • 13.1 Sales Contracts and Related Procedures, Part I
  • 13.2 Sales Contracts and Related Procedures, Part II
  • 13.3 Sales Contracts and Related Procedures, Part III
  • 13.4 Quiz on Sales Contracts and Related Procedures
  • Section K: Real Estate Financing
  • Section K Topics: Real Estate Financing
  • 14.1 Financing, Part I
  • 14.2 Financing, Part II
  • 14.3 Financing, Part III
  • 14.4 Financing, Part IV
  • 14.4 Quiz on Financing
  • Section L: Closing a sales transaction
  • Section L Topics: Closing a Sales Transaction
  • 15.1 Closing Procedures, Part I
  • 15.2 Closing Procedures, Part II
  • 15.3 Closing Procedures, Part III
  • 15.4 Quiz on Closing procedures
  • SECTION M: Real property valuation
  • Section M Topics: Real Property Valuation
  • 16.1 Valuation, Part I (introduction)
  • 16.2 Valuation, Part II: The Three Valuation Approaches
  • 16.3 Valuation, Part III (Sales Comparison Approach/CMA)
  • 16.4 Quiz on CMA calculations
  • 16. 5 Residential square footage guidelines (optional review)
  • 16.6 Valuation, Part III (Cost Approach)
  • 16.6 Valuation, Part III (Income Approaches)
  • 16.7 Quiz on Real Property Valuation
  • Section N: Landlord Tenant / Prop Management
  • Section N Topics: Landlord Tenant/Property Management
  • 17.1 Landlord-Tenant Relationships, Part I
  • 17.2 Landlord-Tenant Relationships (Property Management), Part II
  • 17.3 Quiz on laws governing residential tenancies
  • Section O Topics: Fair Housing
  • 18.1: Fair Housing
  • 18.2 Quiz on Fair Housing
  • Bonus materials
  • Test taking tips
  • A video: Why do I keep failing the licensing exam?
  • End-of-course survey
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed