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I'll Be Watching You: Privacy Issues for Real Estate Professionals (002)

Privacy has become a significant issue in American life. Technology has made it possible for others to obtain, legally and illegal, highly private information. Real estate agents face significant risk since they regularly receive highly confidential information from their clients, information that can easily be stolen thanks to technology. We will discuss the impact of technology on personal and professional privacy; constitutional and statutory protections on privacy; the NCREC’s position on confidentiality before, during, and after the formation of an agency relationship and its requirements and recommendations regarding cybersecurity.
And yes, we will discuss drones and nannycams, too! Wait to see the video "Real Estate Agents Gone Wild!"

Course Number: 3986 Name of elective cou...: I'll Be Watching You: Privacy Issues for...

  • introduction
  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction about how on-demand courses work
  • How to navigate this course and use the TalentLMS platform
  • Course description
  • Course instructional goal/objectives
  • Rules of engagement
  • The instructor
  • Section 1: Does privacy matter?
  • 1.1 Why privacy matters
  • 1.2 Let's take another look at statistics
  • 1.3 Surveillance: Minority Report
  • 1.4 Is Facebook listening in?
  • 1.5 The Facebook Effect
  • 1.6 How have the new technologies affected you?
  • 1.7 Data breaches; definition of privacy
  • 1.8 Ted Talk why privacy matters
  • 1.9 A final word on why privacy matters
  • Section 2: Are you guaranteed privacy as a U.S. citizen?
  • 2.1 State and federal privacy laws
  • 2.2 Which US states best protect privacy online?
  • 2.3 North Carolina's privacy laws
  • 2.4 Why we mirandize our consumers in NC2
  • 2.5 Why do we call the WWREA disclosure "a Miranda warning"?
  • 2.6 Review questions on the WWREA
  • Section 3: Why should real estate professionals care about privacy?
  • 3.1 Surveillance and real estate professionals
  • 3.2 Review of legal issues for brokers
  • 3.3 Real estate agents gone wild.
  • 3.4 And your response to the video is...?
  • 3.5 Invasions of privacy: photography
  • Section 4: How does technology affect privacy issues and real estate practice?
  • 4.1 New technologies and privacy: drones
  • 4.2 Eye in the sky
  • 4.3 The rules regarding drone photography
  • 4.4 More details about remote pilot in command licensing
  • 4.5 More details about the future of drones
  • 4.6 An example of drone photography for a real estate listing.
  • 4.7 Some recommendations from the FAA
  • 4.8 Additional reading on the use of drones
  • Section 5: What other privacy issues affect real estate practice?
  • 5.1 Other privacy issues: how long should confidentiality last?
  • 5.2 Other privacy issues: Wire Fraud
  • 5.3 An example of wire fraud
  • 5.4 Tips to avoid wire fraud
  • 5.5 Other privacy issue: Data security
  • 5.6 Safe computing tips
  • 5.7 Other privacy issues: Using social media and listing platforms
  • 5.8 A clarification
  • 5.8 An angry broker speaks out
  • 5.9 Craigslist Housing Scams
  • Summary
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  • End-of-course survey
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever